A simple yet effective change on any car with twin wipers is a single wiper conversion. The Maestro is particularly easy as the nearside wiper is mounted at the centre of the screen.


Version One:- I simply removed the offside wiper and remounted the nearside wiper higher on the screen to clear across the middle but this was unsatisfactory as it left large areas at the corners uncleared.

Version Two

Stage One:- I removed the scuttle cover (the black plastic cover at the back of the engine bay) and removed the wiper mechanism by unclipping it from the motor arm and undoing the large bolts at the base of the wiper arms.

Stage Two:- I removed the links for the offside arm completely leaving just the spindle for the nearside arm and the rod from the motor. To increase the arc I then hammered flat the arm on the motor to increase its length and thus the increase the radius the wiper swings through. Three problems arose from this, 1) the linkage drops off the motor as the angle is too great between them, 2) the arc is still not big enough and 3) the linkage knocks against the wiper arn spindle.

Version Three:- I have taken another arm and used this to extend the effective length of the arm. I cut off the linkage end off one and motor end off the other and using small nuts and bolts joined them. When I am happy with the length I will spot weld the two bits togeather but initial experence show this to be very effective with good clearence and a faster wipe time.

linkage and what it looks like

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