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The Story

In January 2001 I was given the van by an old family friend so I could get to work. Intialy I didn't plan to do any thing to it but I soon realised that being basicly a Maestro up to the back of the doors parts were interchangable with Maestro hatch backs and the mechanics from a Montego will also fit.

I fitted an interior mirror, replaced the NS exterior mirror and the OS door handle, replaced the dials to include a rev counter, installed some ICE and a security system! I also started on a single wiper conversion and added flash pedel covers. The tail pipe fell of on the way home so I fitted a straight through pipe from the centre box with the end piece from a VW passat.

I planned to transplant the front body (Outer wings, wrap around bumper, grill, headlights, bonnet and doors with full electric's) from an MG Maestro. Also to come will be a late dash board with an early digital dials if I found one, decent seats (MG?) and carpet. A suspension dump and big (17") wheels are a must and then fresh paint in BRG or I might leave it as a "scruffy builders van."

I almost forgot, you couldn't do all that and not do the engine! It had a reincarnation of a 1275 mini engine so I could use a metro turbo or go for a 1600cc MG lump or even a 2.0l or maybe a MG turbo 154 bhp but I fanced a T16.

In March 2001 I fitted seats and carpet from an abandonded MG Maestro, installed the headlights from a car getting rid of those horrible van ones and bought a Montego turbo to transplant the engine.

April 2001. The Montego arrived but the PO wanted the wheels so I cut the front end off and desposed of the remains, much to the concern of my ex SO and the neighbours. I planned to transplant the electrics, fuel tank and exhaust and locate engine mounts from a 2.0l Maestro.

May 2001. THE VAN IS DEAD. Just what I was hopping for has happened, I seazed the engine on the way home from work. Unfortunatly I do not have time to do the transplant at the moment due to work and my marrage collapsing (partailly due to the unannounced arrival of the monty) so the project was abandond. The engine was given away and the van went to the scrap yard. To replace it I bought an early MG Metro.


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