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Your Beetle belonged to Ocean Software & we installed all the ice in it in`97.

It had 3 x 12" Sharp screens in it along with Sony playstation, Dsp, 3 or 4 amps ?, various speakers & subs , Radio/Cd ----All Sony , It was one of their show cars ! At shows the front hood was opened & 5 ( I think ) TV`s were set up in a semi circle inside the hood to use the Playstation on. It was unique in being a multimedia setup before multimedia had been thought of!!! I hope this is of use to your project. BTW we did take pics at the time of install, I will try to find them & send you scans, but I carn`t promise , I`ve to find `em first.

Cheers mate & good luck with your project


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From: James Davidson

To: user@unicar.bdx.co.uk

Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 10:09 PM

Subject: VW beetle

I have recently bought a VW beetle "Baja bug" and I am trying to trace its history.

I am contacting you as on the rear screen is your logo.

The car has been converted to an off roader and has a ford escort rs turbo style roof high rear spoiler and a paint job to advertise the sony playstation V rally. It did have a serious ICE which has been removed and the alterations date back to around 1997.

The regerstration is J*** ***F

If you have any information it would be greatly recived and I am sure I could mention any work you have done in a forthcoming article in Total VW magazine and on the web page I am building.

Yours faithfully

James Davidson.