My 70 VW type 2 bay window microbus

1970 VW type2 Microbus

This is a short story about the second type 2 that I had, short in that I didn't have it for very long and short becuase it did very little to it.

In late March 2001 I saw the van parked in the corner of a car park close to Leatherhed railway station. It had aquired 2 parking tickets and a council "tow away" notice. I contacted the local council who just wanted it off their land. A few days later the driver door and rear windows were smashed and then the bosch 009, blue coil, and wing mirrows went missing.

It was at this point I decided to rescue it so I asked my SO to help me tow it home and I thought her protests were because she didn't want to go, now I know that it was because she didn't want the van even though she loved our first one. Anyway a freind helped and an hour later the van was parked outside the house and the broken windows covered with plastic sheeting.

The following weekend I cleared up the broken glass and check the van out, it had failed its MOT on chassis welding and was beyond my basic skills. The chap working on my baja was interested and agreed to take it and my now scrap devon camper in payment for work on the baja. In late May he collected both vans.

In the meantime I contacted DVLA who supplied me with the details of the previous regestered owner who told me he had sold the van to someone six months earlier. I guess this was to avoid the fines and costs that had been incured

Watch out for the story of my new VW van when I get one. In the mean time here are some photos and links.

The 1970 microbus front, back and side pictures

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